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Aktuální stav promoakcí v České republice a jak z toho ven

V rámci letošního Retail Summitu jsme vystoupili mimo jiné s příspěvkem na téma aktuálního stavu promočních akcí v České republice. Díky partnerství s máme přehled o 100% promočních letáků z více než 350 firem.

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Skvělá inspirace z konference RILA (Retail Supply Chain Conference) 2018

25.-28.2. 2018 proběhla ve Phoenixu konference zaměřená na Supply Chain Management v Retailu. Sešli se prakticky všechny současné špičky jak kamenného retailu tak ecommerce světa. A níže jsou sepsány ty nejinspirativnější příspěvky.

“We plan to open 165 distribution centers including 40 flatbed facilities & 25 local facilities. $1.2Bn investment” – Home Depot

Home Depot isn’t trying to out-Amazon Amazon and be all things to all people. Their goal is to be the fastest, most efficient, and first option in home improvement.

Amazon looks at your cart as a “bag of data” — tells if consumer has a pet or is health conscious, etc.

Impressive fact: 80% of Americans live within 15 miles of a store.

is betting will buy in 2018


Tremendous panel just now on how , using an tool that incorporates plans their carrier allocations 12 wks out. This isn’t “startup sexy” stuff, but it’s actual innovation and real collaboration between companies that are competitors.

Interesting case study here at : discussing how they’re piloting for same day store-customer delivery or inventory repositioning. Roadie taps into latent “on-the-way” capacity using private vehicles.

DHL Supply Chain We’re passionate about , and aim to operate with by 2050.

Why did Amazon buy Whole Foods? Data + distribution says

Doug Stevens says “up to 25% of retail will be econmerce. Feels like it’s more.

56% of all retail decisions will invole mobile. Overall mobile to grow 10x.

Sona Chawla, COO, Corp. talks about renewal of retail. “Efficiency is the key differentiator for retailers today.”

‘96% of Prime members renew their membership every year!’ ~ Doug

‘By 2020 three companies, Amazon, Alibaba and JDcom will own 80% of all sales worldwide.’ ~ Doug Stephens

Every is responsible for four outcomes, says Reuben Slone of : 1. Safety 2. Product availability 3. Inventory productivity 4. Cost productivity


Photo by Eddie Garcia on Unsplash